What can Zipster do for you as a social worker?

Through Zipster, care providers can refer patients for needs for which you can support them.

You always know who initiated the referral and are aware of the context in preparation for getting in touch with the person with a support need.

You will not receive unsecure emails with personal data, but a notification when there is a new referral.

When you use Zipster, you make it clear which psychosocial needs you can support.

Care providers and patients know clearly what you and your organization stand for and what they can expect.

Via Zipster you can indicate whether or not you can support a person.

People with a support need do not always easily find their way to the right support.

Through Zipster, we want to change that so that people can find the right support in time.

Zipster for you?

icon zorgverlener
care provider
icon eerstelijnszone
primary care network
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community services
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