What can Zipster mean for you as a primacy care network?

Zipster makes it easier for care providers and community services to find each other.

Care providers are supported in detecting psychosocial needs and in referring them to the most appropriate support organization.

Dormant psychosocial needs often escalate into greater needs.

With Zipster, those needs can be detected more quickly and the citizen can be helped before the needs get more complex.

No unsecure emails or a lengthy search for the right contact person.

Via Zipster you facilitate a warm referral which can be consulted by the supporting organizations.

Know which needs are prevalent in your region and respond to them.

Detect signals and evaluate them based on real-time data.

Map out which for which support needs the offer is lacking and where waiting lists arise.

Zipster can be tailored to the needs that are prevalent in your region.

Through Zipster, each resident can find their way to the most appropriate community service along with their trusted care provider.

Zipster for you?

icon zorgverlener
care provider
icon hulpverlener
social worker
icon organisaties
community services
icon lokaal bestuur

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