What can Zipster do for you as a care provider?

Anna en Bieke

Zipster supports you in the detection of the psychosocial needs of your patients. A questionnaire helps you as a care provider in your conversation with your patient.

Based on the psychosocial needs detected, Zipster suggests organizations that can support your patient.

This takes into account a number of characteristics of the patient, such as place of residence and age. This way you get a clear and concise overview of possible support tailored to your patients’ needs.

Inform yourself and your patients about the support options and ensure that your patients find support in a timely manner.

Refer your patient with specific psychosocial needs to the most appropriate organisation(s).

No unsecure emails or a search for the right contact person, but a warm referral via Zipster that can be handled by the supporting organization.

Get feedback on the referral.

Through Zipster you will find out whether or not the patient can be supported by the community service to which he or she has been referred.

By addressing psychosocial needs, you focus on the well-being of your patients and ensure that they are helped in a timely manner before these needs escalate further.

Zipster for you?

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Primary care network
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community services
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