Zipster is a social prescribing platform that helps caregivers with the referral of patients to local community services.

Based on a psychosocial questionnaire, the caregiver can detect the needs of the patients and initiate a referral to the appropriate supporting community services.

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screening and detection
of psychosocial needs

Zipster helps the caregiver with the screening of psychosocial needs ranging from mental wellbeing and family support to social isolation, financial problems and bereavement.  

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and follow-up

Based on the detected needs Zipster will suggest a number of services which can support the patient. In mutual consultation and subject to the patient’s consent, the caregiver can then initiate the referral.

The organisation to which the patient is then referred to will then receive a notification of the referral. The referral can then be consulted and can be followed up through Zipster.

is currently active in Belgium

Detection of more than 100 support needs and referral to more than 300 community services

What can Zipster do for you?

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care provider

Are you active in healthcare and do you want support in addressing the psychosocial needs of your patients?

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social worker

Are you a social worker do you want people with a support need to find you more easily?

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Do you want to know which community services can support you in your needs? 

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primary care network

Does your network want to facilitate the cooperation between care providers and community services?

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community services

Does your organisation support citizens with their psychosocial needs?

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Do you want to ensure that citizens timely get the right support?

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Do you want to facilitate the cooperation between care providers and community services?

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